Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Suprise LAX and Beach Trip

Yesterday my brother-in-law was headed back to school because he was visiting for Easter, sadly after going though LAX security and waiting for his plane to board he received the news that everyone hates to hear...."your flight has been canceled". He was lucky enough to find another flight out but it wasn't till many hours later. He called my husband and i to see if we would like to have lunch with him and of course we said yes.

We headed out to Pann's Restaurant. The restaurant is a pretty unique building where it holds the tradition of the “Googie” style architecture. Pann’s has received The Los Angeles Conservancy’s Award for best example of “Classic 50’s Coffee Shop” in our city and has been the location choice for numerous award winning films such as PULP FICTION, XXX, BEWITCHED and most recently NEXT. The best part is of course.....the food.

After dropping off my brother-in-law back at LAX after our delish meal my husband surprised me by driving us over to Manhattan beach! I LOVE Manhattan beach, the long stretch of beach, bike route and walking route with all the large unique homes (which i posted a few pictures below they range between beautiful and creepy). we spent an hour and a half walking around looking at the homes and at the water, it was quite pleasant.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Everyone should at least ONCE in their lives do the House of Blues Easter Gospel Brunch. Walk in and you'll find tables lined up with white tablecloth linens and share a seat next to a stranger. The food ranges from Creole to America Breakfast and all of it is down right good! Now to the best part, the performance. The curtains open up on that stage and a large wall of voices meet you singing from old r&b, gospel, acoustic and acappella. These people sing and play with all their hearts and everyone in the building is moving and waving their hands. Hallelujah! When the event is done it leaves you feeling light hearted and joyful the rest of the day. Happy Easter.