Monday, March 24, 2008

A New Start

So it's another year and it feels as though my life has been thrown out of a fast moving car.
Since graduation last year I had applied to a bagillion places and heard nothing. After feeling depressed and having a lack of talent in my field, I took a chance and applied for a design job for Disney. Just a few days later, while checking my e-mail religiously, I got a reply from Disney, saying that they were intrested. I was so excited that I screamed and litterly jumped out of my seat while reading the e-mail. I called back and set up the interview, the interview went well and now I'm working there. I love my job, and the team I work on, I get excited when I have to go to work every morning, I know, I know sounds lame but it's something new for me.

Not only have a found a job with a great company, I got engaged! We wont get married till Alan is done with school, but its just fun to slowly plan and think of ideas of what to do. So life has been pretty crazy.

So here I am to share my life, my love of art, and the love I have for Disney.

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