Thursday, February 18, 2010

5 more months....

So sitting here at work, I tend to look out my window and space out. While doing this about...lets say a few minutes ago, I realized that in 5 months I'm going to be married!
It is pretty mind boggling, the other night while i was drifting to sleep, I came to a slow realization that soon my room will no longer be MY room. That it will be either one of my brothers or a computer room. no longer will i have my yellow walled and white trim room that i love so much. No longer can I wake up on the weekends and find my family right outside my room sitting in the living room watching tv and having breakfast around 11 or noon. No more nights of Anthony playing his game loudly where it wakes me up and makes me yell at him to lower it lol. No more coming home from work to find dinner ready to eat with my whole family. In 5 months my life is going to completely change, and i am excited about it, starting my own family with Alan, but at the same time I'm sad that I'm no longer my parents little girl living with them.

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