Thursday, September 8, 2011


Lately i've been seeing more and more  'e mags' popping around online. What is so wonderful about them than a regular magazine is that if there is something you want to have, all you have to do is click the item and it sends you to the site to purchase it!  Matchbook magazine feels like a Kate Spade ad come to life.  It's very girly, preppy, cheeky chic. I am not ready for fall fashion at all.  In LA our summers come late, while the rest of the country is pulling on soft warm sweaters in bright colors and their lovely leather boots with a pair of dark wash skinny's tucked in, I will be stuck in a heat wave of epic proportions (which is happening right now >.< ) and wishing it was acceptable to walk around in a bikini. 

We call it Indian summer and it is dreadful, think of thick brown & gray smog skies along with hints of blue and seeing the heat bubbling from the cement/pavement and you will have an idea of what September is like here.                                    

Matchbook is an easy breezy read, like your  best dressed friend tipping you off to her style secrets. Matchbook is free so you can't go wrong by visiting and adding Matchbook to your growing list of favorites.

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