Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sew Me Silly

For a long time I've always wanted to make my own clothing so I wouldn't have to deal with the issues of "it's too big here, but too tight there!" syndrome that every woman has. Another reason why I  wanted to start making my own clothing because everything that I love (anthro i'm looking at you) is soooo expensive!

This Christmas santa read my gift list and got me a sewing machine!!! whee!!! So all amped and set to go I ran to my nearest Joann's and bought some fabric and patterns....let me say one thing....ZIPPERS SUCK!

I took out my first pattern every and studied all of it before I started to my first skirt took awhile, a lot of sewing and undoing what I did, but as you can see below (the bright green one) I didn't do too bad. A few days later I did a second one and it went a lot faster than the first. 

First Skirt 
wip second skirt
second skirt is an a line skirt


maya said...

Ohno! Don't get discouraged, zippers just take practice! You have the correct presser foot, right?

Elena said...

Hey maya! I do have one but don't know how to use it yet...I bet if I knew how it would be easier lol. Once my arm gets better I'm going to take an online course that will show me how to do it.