Saturday, March 31, 2012

WoW Junkie

Only a handful a people know that I have an addiction....that is an addiction to WoW (World of Warcraft)....FOR THE HORDE! I have to say thanks to Blizzard for creating a game that I love so much and a game that I can play with just one arm which keeps me from going stir crazy. Well, Blizzard has now feed my fire of addiction even more with their new expansion coming out Mists of Pandaria.

Pandaria, is a Eastern mysticism-influenced realm, where pandas brew and drink beer, and bring a new class, the monk. Using their inner strength and "CHI" you are able to play a monk in one of these roles: 

  • Brewmaster – tanking 
  • Mistweaver – healing
  • Windwalker – melee DPS.
One "problem" with the Panda concept is that a lot of players don't like that the Panda's are the focus of next expansion. If you don't know, the Pandaren have been used as a April Fool's Day joke a few times but I have to say the Panda race is very intriguing to me. They may of started off as a joke but a lot of new "history" can be created. 

I was lucky enough to take a stab at the new race on the beta and I have to say....I'm really enjoying it. I've decided to do a female red panda, named PixiePanda (I've already saved the name so don't think about taking it ;) ) with a Chun-Li like hairstyle. She's pretty darn cute and when she walks she kind of gives a little waddle with her bushy tail bouncing around. 

The world so far is very beautiful with Asian influenced art and music, I'm excited to see what the world will finally look like once completed. I have to say to those who are awaiting to get into the's pretty laggy and the servers tend to overload...but if your Horde you will know how to deal with it ......Orgrimmar/Lagrimmar, enough said. Below are some of the screen shots I took of PixiePanda and her world

PixiePanda is a Brewmaster 
So many just a few minutes the server will go down. 
Sleepy Panda 
Beautiful Backgrounds 
PixiePanda enjoying the kites 

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