Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hostess with the Mostess

This website is just amazing. If you are going to throw a party, check this place first to get ideas for themes and how to decorate your event!


So as you know I'm getting married and I checked out the Bridal Party section and can I tell you I fell in love with this color palette:

Orange & Chocolate

It's so cute! I'm totally feeling the orange and chocolate togetherness here. I'd just use this color combo for any party. But yeah, cute! Not only does this site show you great color combos, it also shows how to set the table, what and how to make the party decor, and recipes for food ideas! (not only that but what drinks to make ;) )

So have fun, look around, and don't forget to check out their dishes:

Porcelain Dessert Plates

can we say adorable?!

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