Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Wave of Nausea

So, yeah no post yesterday. I was in my bed clinging on to my pillows and sleeping...well trying to sleep so the pain would go away. I woke up running to the bathroom to throw up...once, twice, three times.after the third time my stomach gave me a rest. i spent the day trying to hold on to the water and crackers i ate. By evening i was feeling better and ate some soup and didn't hurl. yay! today i woke up feeling woozy and sluggish but able to walk around and didn't feel nauseated.

Alright, to the fun stuff! Website of the day people!





This site is pretty cool for those of us who love art and design. There are interviews, Gallery updates, other websites of artists, and a music player of up and coming musicians. so check it out, and see whats going on in the art world out there!


Tanner said...

Glad you joined us blogs! I think your idea is so cool! Now I know where to go to find all them cool sites. And I'm glad to see you're feeling a lot better>

Josh Cole said...

Hey there. Thanks a ton for linking to (4th image down). Be sure to check out as well. Hopefully you'll dig it too. :) Have a great week(end).

PJH said...

i love crazy stuff like this! these websites are totally the jam.