Thursday, June 9, 2011


Over at Creature Comforts Ez (the creator and writer of the site) shared a little about her dream about being a skilled photographer/stylist. she posted a few of her photos that she was practicing on and i think they are really good. But reading her entry i thought about my dream....i would love to own my own bakery one day. I would bake healthier option baked good and gluten free goods too. i've been currently trying out new baked goods on my friends and if they like them i keeping them on file so one day i can use them in my bakery.

i already know what i want to call my bakery and i have a slogan. Because i'm a design nerd, i've already got down my logo ideas and bakery packaging ideas too!. below are a few images of how i would love my small bakery/cafe would be like.

what are your dreams?

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